Marriage Visa

The marriage visa process involves a total of four agencies that must clear the case: the USCIS, National Visa Center, Homeland Security checks, and the U.S. consulate abroad. Each agency has its own requirements. All require submissions by your foreign spouse and you, except for the Homeland Security checks.

The timing of the CR spouse visa depends on the state in which the U.S. citizen petitioner resides and the country in which the foreign spouse legally resides.

Timing changes

Most couples will spend a good deal of effort proving the relationship is sincere. This is important. It helps to document your time together and your history of your communications. The more time you spend together in person, the better. Short visits are dating. Spending time together in person is a marriage. From an attorney standpoint, what is equally important is processing your case correctly with your defenses up. We all hope the immigration officers will be friendly and interested in your relationship. Unfortunately, not all officers are so friendly or willing. It is necessary to proceed with caution and successfully defend yourself when an officer is less than fair.

Call us if you are considering marrying overseas, but have not already done so.

It may or may not be in your best interest to marry your foreign fiancé(e) before bringing him/her to the U.S.

There are many things to consider: timing, your residence in the U.S. or overseas, your fiancé’s nationality and residence location, child issues, and your personal needs. There is also a risk of visa refusal to consider, as well as your marital obligations from an immigration standpoint.

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